Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pakistan Matters

Pakistani Law makers are clearly struggling to draft a new foreign policy. There have been no national assembly debates or even a mention of it so far. Some draft recommendations (which was reportedly produced months earlier) has recently surfaced onto tables of several political offices around Pakistan. Media pundits are calling it a matter of foreign policy, personally, for all its military dimensions, I prefer to term it "rules of engagement" with USA.

Question: What is wrong with our current foreign policy in place?
Answer: We have a situation with USA in Afghanistan and war spilling over into Pakistan, since Salala check post incidence.

(For the record) Salala checkpost refers to an incident at Pak-Afghan border, where an Army post was attacked by NATO helicopters flying into our territory. As a result 26 Pakistani soldiers died. Such NATO operations have been carried inside Pakistani territory since as early as 2004. Only this time it hurts our policy makers because Army men, not some alleged militant, women or children were killed.

Since US has not apologized over it, Pakistani army and political leadership has assumed it as an act of aggravated war. As a result, Pakistan has denied any US transfer of war machinery and supplies through its route onto Afghanistan.

Remember this is a war, only a madman in USA still wants to fight any further. After 10 years of utter disrespect of a country's people and freedom, coalition is now trying hard to be able talk to Taleban and ensure peaceful withdrawal. Which naturally means new rules of engagement with Pakistan.

It is election year in America, and some groups are war mongering over Iran. Also a US congressional interference regarding Balochistan was signaled, earlier. This is not read well, in either Tehran or Islamabad.

Latest from the uncle sam's wishlist is to bar the world from buying Iranian Oil. China and Russia perhaps not even South Korea will give this much ear. Why should Pakistan, the next door neighbor to Iran give a rats ass? Specially when today (1st april) oil prices set a record hike in Pakistan.

In the midst of demanding re-opening of Nato Supplies, US has swiftly tailored a new rhetoric for the same old coalition song. We are reminded again of the threats world security suffers from our land. A delusional paranoia mastered by Bush's goons to invade and destroy Afghanistan. People and leadership in Pakistan is not only weary but also fails to understand any plausible US rationale behind, either continue fighting in Afghanistan, or demanding supply routes.

According to some in capitol hill nato supply blockade by Pakistan is a milestone towards withdrawal of forces. Perhaps only a little ahead of its time.

Lets be on same page with Drone attacks from now.

Bombing houses and vehicles based on US intelligence, through remote control war planes kilometers up in the air, operating from continents apart in different time zones... resulting only in loss of lives without ever putting that soul on trial...

...This is genocide at Humanitarian and an act of war at National level.

Enough of bad intelligence and utter failure in Afghanistan, with complete disrespect to life & human values. After burning of Quran and Afghani version of Raymond Davis, where a drunk soldier killed 16 sleeping civilians, only route US should ask from Pakistan is of way out.

Pakistani lawmakers should wake up to reality. And for the charges of deception, death, destruction and atrocities committed against humanity, ex US president should face the music.

Rumors are Pakistani military leadership cannot be persuaded with dollars this time, at least not the foot soldier.

Since Pakistani lawmakers appear to lack both the courage and capacity to address the issue of our foreign policy, I thought its time to step up!

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